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"oh the places you'll go" says dr. seuss. i have no idea what exotic places will eventually make it on this list! but i will try to highlight information that is useful to travellers because i want everyone to feel confident that though the world is big, you must explore and learn from it as much as you can while you are here! from angkor wat (a huge fortess temple in the cambodian jungle) to the galapagos islands, to the tomatina festival in spain, to the nile river and pyramids in egypt i hope there will be something unique about each that i can share with you. most recent place to your right.

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Most recent place highlighted:
Boulder, Colorado   1/2000
boulder is my favorite past home, nestled in the foothills in colorado

Boulder, Colorado Yuppies Vs. Hippies = Diversity  
Thailand Land of Smiles view photo gallery
Amsterdam, Netherlands It's not just the pot!  


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