Friday, July 23, 2004

byebye cire

last night cire and i went to the bar in the very upscale, slightly famous plaza hotel after work (next to work). we pretended to be rich and snooty. glasses of wine were almost $11 and there was a $20 minimum per person (why? because they're rich?)... i drank mine fairly slowly but for some reason got completely smashed. maybe i have never had really good wine before?! it was ridiculous. we lounged over our bowls of assorted expensive and unidentifiable nuts and (not so) soberly appraised the floor to ceiling paintings. the waiter was ridiculously deferential and called me "ma'am". argh.i drooled and had a hard time focusing my eyes.... we finally tired of the bourgeous and tiptoed out, trying not to be conspicuous but failing miserably! i am so jealous! i told him so whining all the way home in the cab.


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