Sunday, July 25, 2004

sound of silence

my house is dead silent, cool from the air conditioners and dark because the windows face the brick wall next door. the ones in the front room (mine) are covered in red drapes and filled with plants. the rest of the house (freshly cleaned) is light sandy wood and there is a humungous blow up globe in the living room. roomie and i bought beach chairs and drink coasters and painted our walls blue and yellow. we have satellite cable and a playstation. our bathtub is blue with sponge bob curtains, & since my finnish friends (drunkenly) knocked off the faucet fixtures we have to use a vice grip to turn & fill it. outside is second avenue, which is not as hipster as williamsburg brooklyn, but is so busy that it ain't friendly. just colorful. punk kids, rockers, movie stars, and hippies. it's got dojo restaurant (brown rice, fresh vegetables, and chai shakes), sushi joints, movie theaters, tattoo shops and piercing shops in case i go ballistic, drop off laundromats, parks, a church whose bells ring happily on sundays, and a toy tokyo shop practically next door. not to mention bars ahoy.

i bought a stair stepper after seeing myself under flourescent light in the dressing room today. i ate a gyro in the park at union square and pet the little beagle puppies up for adoption (which i wanted to steal, but refuse to have to abandon when i travel). i bought a ticket for tomorrow to see a movie about a pregnant girl who smuggles drugs, in spanish. i bought a bottle of wine and fresh veggies at the greenmarket. i looked for boys, weed, a life online. i mourned my inability to like america. i considered and rejected going out to drink alone. i drank root beer instead and tuned my guitar. i dragged out old paintings to look at. i did yoga and pilates in front of NPR. i wished i could have the confidence to drag my bike down the stairs and 7 blocks to the guy who fixes bikes, & think that he will have the right sized tires. sigh.



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