Sunday, July 11, 2004

too lazy for old balance

welcome to my new blog. yes, i have succumbed to the blog craze, but i have to admit it is convenient not to have to update every day (or in my case, updating for a couple of weeks at a time in one sitting).

sorry about june- lots of things happened, but my computer was attacked by a vicious hacker whose wireless connection i was "borrowing" and i lost all my journal entries.  which was actually something of a relief as i was listless about my writing anyway. anyway, here's a couple of pics to recap.

the gay parade was, well, the gay parade. i'm not gay but it was fun checking out all the boys who are.


those of you who read wanderlust might remember my friends from finland, whom i met in vietnam and again later in thailand. well 2 of them surprised me with a visit. it was rather awkward as i had barely gotten on my feet in NY, but great to see travel pals as usual. we got drunk and wandered the streets on 4th of july weekend, which were desolately empty. i brought them to my house to watch 'jackass' the movie and they fell asleep on my floor.


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