Thursday, September 02, 2004

missed connections

preparing to go to costa rica, which to be honest i am not too excited to do. cire bought me a free ticket and that is the main reason i am going. otherwise it seems like such a hassle and a waste of money(!!!). besides which we leave around the same time mr. (yick) bush speaks in NY and a hurricane hits in miami, where we layover. so i am unusually a-skeered. what's wrong with me? why am i so negative today? especially where travel is concerned. isn't it my favorite thing on earth? sometimes i wonder....

well, i did lose my job, which is a bit of a downer. i have some other prospects but none too exciting and of course none that will keep me as well-heeled as good ol' bank of america has. :( sigh... and the cute boy (m) i have been dating turns out to be a lying psychopath (no surprise there really, i am in america)... in fact i had a very psychopathic moment myself in response to his psychopathic moment and wrote him the meanest letter i have ever written anyone in my life. didn't know i had it in me, really. i am usually a very kind girl. hrmmm. something in the NY water. pent up rage- pent up life.


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