Friday, September 03, 2004


after a stressful meeting at work in which i lazily agreed to do lots of things i can't possibly do in the next few days from costa rica, by about noon cire and i had hopped a taxi to JFK. the rest of the day was a blur of long, exhausting plane rides (american airlines is for ghetto people!!!), layovers, and a grumpy cire telling me he hoped i would do my own thing in costa rica because he didn't want to hang with me. :(

from the plane

late at night and drunk with exhaustion we found ourselves in the ghetto of san jose. our squeaky clean best western hotel was surrounded by crack heads, and a midget prostitute eyed us slyly at the entrance (really!). i got my own room and took a quick, luxurious hot bath, listening to spanish t.v. cire soon knocked at my door and we hailed a rickety cab to someplace he calls "the gulch" (sex tourist speak). san jose is tiny and sort of dark and shadowy. not much to see at all, but the hotel del rey has a good restaurant where i tried delicious ceviche and the very yummy local beer (imperial). the restaurant was filled with prostitute girls, of course. pretty but no match for thailand (i am inadvertently becoming a connosieur). the waiter was polite and once we had satiated ourselves we poked our heads into the back room to find a kitschy casino. we wasted lots of colones on the slot machines- not as lucky as we think. afterwards we headed to the key largo disco, across the street. more prostitutes but more good beer as well, and excellent salsa dancers to watch and envy. a decent vibe but overall i was just sleeeepy.


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