Tuesday, September 07, 2004

san jose redux

cire gave me a wake up call for breakfast and we decided to head for the city since it was too late by then to take any tours. i scoured the bookshops in the san pedro area for english books but found only crappy mystery novels and shakespeare. snapped some pictures of statues, bought a kilo of fuzzy sweet rambutans, giggled at the matronly whores flouncing in front of a brothel. wondered why anyone would ever want to live in san jose.

cire spent the day doing his boy thing. i watched more movies- happily. and ordered room service brought to me by a shy boy who tried conspicuously to hang around. in the late afternoon it rained torrentially- very beautiful and creepy. i smoked a cigarette on my balcony and stared at the black brooding clouds, breathing in the fog.

cire arrived late, drenched but happy, and we headed out for a final night on the town. some very bad fish at del rey and great music at key largo. i swear i will take salsa lessons! it's so sexy! ...lots of elderly men from florida with young 'ticas' undulating in their laps, wearing midriffs and hauling shockingly fat bubble booties which cire insists all latino girls have. they are good dancers. no boys to speak of though.

...um. & that's it. we had to catch our shuttle to the airport at 5am. a blur of xanax, uncomfortable seats, cinnabon, hurricane-dodging in miami, and a curious excitement at coming home. byebye costa rica. i may not have had the best attitude to start with but all in all i doubt i will be seeing you again.


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