Monday, September 06, 2004

ya like travelling, do ya?

i woke up feeling pretty refreshed and walked along the beach to a coffeeshop. i read the spanish newspaper over coffee and a baguette. wandered around the sleepy town for an hour or so (pacing the same 50 feet or so over and over) until finally i decided to blow this joint. if i can't enjoy the nightlife without being fondled mercilessly then it's not for me. besides which i have done the whole beach thing.

so. hopped on the 4 hours of hell bus back to san jose. filled with jabbery american kids discussing such enlightening topics as counting crows lyrics (groan). i watched the green blur out the window and read my book- a diary of a rapist (cheery). the mountainous areas are breathtaking, and dotted with graves of people who have apparently driven off the steep fluffy cliffs. there were several waterfalls and lots of little roadside fruit stalls.

back in san jose i luxuriated in a cool bath and fresh sheets. not to mention cable movies with spanish subtitles. i avoided the paranoid american media which is hyping the hurricane as if the apocalypse has come.

cire arrived late in the evening from his own trip, which sounded divine and made me jealous. he had funny stories of panic attacks on runaway horses.

i think i just went to sleep this night too. just couldn't get into costa rica, don't know what's wrong with me. had planned to go on some tour or another (canopy tours of the rainforest, volcano watching, white water rafting, etc.) but really didn't feel like doing much of anything but moping.


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