Wednesday, October 27, 2004

back to reality

i did nothing today but recover from my day yesterday, and i bought a plane ticket to go to bangkok, not wanting a repeat of the bus trip to the south. i am not a big fan of phuket, and now that i accomplished my goal of taking the sea canoe trip i am out of here.

it looks like i am leaving right in time! phuket is closing down in protest of the government's strict new laws regarding closing times starting tonight. they lose lots of money with the new laws. so none of the bars are open, i could only find one restaurant that was open, and just a few shops are out doing their thing. quite boring. i am not sure what exactly they accomplish by closing (other than losing even more money), but i hope it works. p.m. taksin and his idealistic laws are ridiculous.

ARGH not sure why my server won't display some pics, sorry....

speaking of the ridiculous prime minister, apparently last night there was a peaceful protest in south thailand (about an hour from phuket) of some muslims who wanted six of their detained friends released. the village people gathered around to protest, and were met with tear gas and armed military police. six people ended up shot on site, and the p.m. praised them for a job well done. well it turns out the police crammed all 1300 protesters into just a few pickup trucks, killing 83 of them (who apparently were crushed to death). taksin lazily promises an investigation. this is thai style everybody. to the government, if you don't think and act like they want you to, you are disposable. it's disgusting and i hope to buddha that the p.m. resigns or at least is not stupidly re-elected, but most likely it will blow over quickly, as usual.

anyhoo i jumped into a taxi to the phuket airport tonight and took nok air to bangkok for 1600 baht. no idea what i will be doing there.


Anthony said...

I've been reading your journals for a while now, since i found your old one while doing my own research on my southeast asia trip a year ago. I'm truely jealous of you for being able to just pick up and leave. As I sit in my crappy office, your stories give me serious inspiriation on what I plan to do with my life.

get the fuck out of here!



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