Saturday, October 23, 2004


sometime last night i finally got a grip, and i realized (with the help of a friend) that i always have a hard time chilling out at first in thailand.... i mean the switch from the rat race energy of new york to the lovely slow pace of thailand is a rather difficult one. anyway, forced solitude for a couple of weeks has actually done wonders for me, despite my aversion to it. travelling alone is so good for me! i feel so peaceful, just going with the flow, not much in the way of plans, able to smile and really feel blissful behind it. and i really ended up loving ko lanta, once i moved to the right area (lanta paradise resort on hat klong nin). last night i went out for the first time and had a classic beach night- cheap cocktails over good conversation with people from various parts of the globe. a fire show, my kitten to play with (i really wanted to steal him). sigh...... thailand is so so unbearably, heartbreakingly lovely once you get into the groove.

anyway it must have scared me a bit to start liking it so much, because this morning i awoke with the feeling that i had to leave for phuket immediately! no idea why, but i did. i fed my kitten and waved a fond goodbye to the pool on my way to the pier, where i was surrounded by so many thai friends i didn't even realize i had made in such a short time, who all wished me goodbye and good luck. my opinion of southern thais was formed prematurely of course. they aren't especially approachable, it's true, but they are thai, after all, and i really feel like i will miss them, which is just short of ridiculous but so nice!


so, 2 ferries later and here i am, back in the crazy energy of a thai city (sort of missing the placid beauty of a thai island but this has great benefits too). i took a bath in my nice hotel and sloughed off a week's worth of peeling sunburn, and headed straight for rock hard cafe.... which no longer exists! cire and i visited here about 4 or 5 years ago and spent every night at this place, so i was sad to see it is gone (there is still a smaller version of the go go upstairs, but the cafe is now a much more ritzy and expensive restaurant). i plan now to get very drunk and go watch some muay thai boxing, if it still exists, and then head for the sleazy sois with the go gos and beer bars. yippee!


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