Saturday, October 30, 2004


in bangkok, totally unsure of what to do next because by now i have essentially seen every part of thailand.... and unable to afford going anywhere else... i am cranky. i should not be in the city. too many people to deal with. mark- a very good looking but very drug-dependent australian guy whom i should NOT be hanging out with at all; mr. kool, a roving-hands type who accosts me anytime i walk past with pleading to let him "open my emotions" through tantric sex; ot, whom i finally called in hopes that we could hang out platonically which turned out to be a grave error (though it is nice to see him again); and 'p', a friend visiting from NY who has a tendency to want to hang out every minute i have free, and is the epitome of the type of person in NY i came here to escape. argh! where did my peace and quiet go?

i will be here for the halloween party tomorrow night on khao san road and then i think i will slip away in the night and leave all these people to their own respective messes. the problem is where to go.....


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