Tuesday, October 05, 2004

i'm a little tea pot

spinning through my routine like a bird on a stick. boredly excited about pending change. change is always terrifying though somewhere along the line it's always fun.

cire is being nice to me, at home. he pinches my cheeks and tickles me til i cry, like a big brother. he is hoping whoever sublets my room is hot. he admonishes me for even thinking of re-hooking up with thai ot. (i secretly agree).

i am unemployed, after a period of questionable employment (where i worked from home most of the time). get to sleep in. watch movies late. eat whatever's in my fridge all day. peer out at sunny 2nd avenue and occasionally slink out into the sweltering crowd to satiate an urge or two.

had a 2nd interview today for monster.com... which is funny because they are the last place i would expect to find a job- tee hee. they like me. but they won't tell me when or if to start. so i have one foot in new york through boring holidays and bitter cold (not to mention said unemployment), and one in thailand for an amusement filled winter in the sun (hopefully doing some writing). hrmmmm. considering i looked up how to get to burma all day you can guess which one i am leaning towards.

...if anyone wants to come to burma with me write me right now! it is one place i think i'd enjoy a travel partner.

lazily packing up my room. talking to friends online. waiting. waiting. waiting.


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