Thursday, October 21, 2004


deciding the sanctuary was not for me, i wandered out to have breakfast in a quiet french bakery this morning and then announced to assam that i wanted to move to another beach. he scowled and rang up my bill, and gruffly pushed me towards a guy name jo, who would drive me. i sheepily grabbed my bags and hopped into the pickup with jo. jo was the first thai person i have met in the southern part of thailand who was the slightest bit friendly, and he spoke very good english. we talked amiably on the long ride south. i was headed for hat klong nin, to ‘lanta paradise resort’, which i had read somewhere was very friendly. it was a good choice. the bungalows, though concrete, are very spacious and private and clean. a british guy named mike works at the reception, and is friendly. there is a nice pool, some patios with pillows, and a long stretch of clean beach. not many people in sight, but mike informed me it is still technically low season, so not only would there be few people, but all of the bars are still closed for the season. i sighed and went to unpack and lay by the pool.

while i was swimming, i looked up to see a tiny kitten running towards me, and he did not hesitate to jump right in the pool with me. i ended up having to save his life, as the poor thing must have been newborn and could hardly walk let alone swim. he’s about the size of my index finger, and he is my new best friend. i learned later he has a little brother too, who is even smaller. they live under a bungalow two rows over.

later in the evening i went next door to the miami cocktail bar to have a drink for the first time in over a week, and realized i was at the resort of the kid i had met on the boat- mi. it was a pleasant surprise, as he brought all his thai friends over to meet me. i sat and drank and joked around with them in thai until fairly late. one boy said something to me that i thought peculiar, but is very true; he said if you have a thai boyfriend, you must be pretty stupid. it’s a simple statement, but it makes a lot of sense. thai people will never be genuine to a foreigner. if you fall for their act, you are naive.


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