Sunday, October 17, 2004

need to chill...

the rain woke me up this morning and i found i couldn’t move... my legs were so stiff and sore i decided it would be a day of little excitement. after a horrible ice cold breakfast i managed to lumber into town to check email and buy some throat drops for my very sore throat. it’s very uncomfortable to walk alone here- the thai people all line up and stare and talk about me in thai as i pass. i appear to be the only solo traveller on this island, and it seems to astound them. so far the tourists here are made up of fat white girls in string bikinis with their loud, shaven headed boyfriends. there is the occasional family frolicking in the water. i stand out, but i don’t really mind. at least i don’t have to feel self conscious like i would on a beach full of skinny scandinavian girls and muscled boys. i can wear what i want, do what i want, and aside from the staring i am left alone.

my hotel is comfortable and i decided that even though it is not somewhere i would normally want to stay (it’s a gaudy resort), it is nice to have a swimming pool and clean sheets. i laid at the pool for three hours today, burning to a crisp in spite of the sunscreen i had slathered on.

later on, in pain from my sore muscles, burnt skin, aching throat and head i went to slurp some healing tom yam at a restaurant over my book. by that time i felt too sleepy to do anything else and went to bed by 7p.


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