Tuesday, October 12, 2004


thailand is so unbearably lovely. the roosters awoke me this morning early, and i left my hotel before the neighborhood was up. there is the hot, lush smell of the streets- fires from the food stalls, exhaust from motorbikes, and something i can never put my finger on in the air which will always evoke bangkok for me- the smell of life. i moved to a better room that was ironically cheaper. wandered out for a somtam and fish breakfast with coffee over the bangkok post. thai people are so friendly, i forget! the also have monstrous memories... people i never remember meeting in my life come up to me all day saying "where have you been? i no see you for long time!" i am a virtual celebrity- i am told i am beautiful at every corner. i am followed by children, small animals, and tuk tuk drivers alike...... i wandered throught the temple yard where the monks were being handed meals for the day. immediately (as is always the case in temples) i was attacked by a dog. it was a little one so i was unafraid this time, but had to walk from one side of the yard to the other with a puppy hanging off my pantleg by his teeth- to the vast amusement of the monks.

meandered most of the day between khao san road (smaller, more crowded, and redecorated walking-street style) and siam center downtown, where i bought a sim card and phone minutes for about $15 (what's with america anyway?) and had a nice chat with my taxi driver in thai. stocked up on all the medications i need for the next year for under $100. watched thai soap operas in my cool room. had a lovely hour and a half massage at my usual place for about $5. later on i had my traditional mai tai at sawasdee house, where a gorgeous young lad tried to pick me up. he sent over a rose, a free drink and a love note, and we smiled at each other across the room all night. he must have been about 20.... :)

the one thing that irritated me is the stupid new laws regarding venue closing times... it used to be that bangkok was a 24 hour party place- now bars, clubs, etc. can only be open from 6p to 1a.... except that most places start closing down around 11:30p so they look closed by 12a. how stupid. the prime minister is being unusually consistent in his efforts to freeze out foreigners. :( i was in bed by 12:30 tonight.


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