Saturday, October 30, 2004


took ‘p’ (from NY) to patpong, to show him the nightlife. his energy makes me nervous- he talks too fast and has the judgemental pettiness of new yorkers which is hard to shrug off. he also seems to have no interest in learning about thai culture, which annoys me, as it offends otto constantly (who has joined us). sighing, i lead him into the pink panther bar, where he scours the crowd of listlessly dancing girls for someone to pick up. i give him the rundown on bar fines, feeling sort of guilty.

we head later through the night market for one of the king’s castle bars’ upstairs shows. it was a pleasant surprise, not being as seedy or full of “pigs in lipstick” (as one sexpat i know refers to them as), which is rare for patpong. there was a candle show, a smoking show, a dart show, a lesbian show.... ot and i slumped, bored, in our seats while ‘p’ made crude comments about the girls. one girl slinked over and seductively manipulated herself into patrick’s lap, rubbing his hard on. she took her top off and simulated giving him head. he was embarrassed, but immediately decided to bar fine her, to ot’s and my amusement. she was actually a rather decent girl. but ‘p’ wouldn’t talk to her personally, and decided he would go back to the first bar and pick up a second girl as well, which ot reluctantly translated to her. she agreed, but i felt bad for the girl, as i have seen american boys with thai girls for the first time before and they have no concept of how to treat them as human. ot and i shrugged as patrick left and we headed somberly back to banglamphu for the evening, leaving him to his fun.


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