Friday, October 22, 2004


more lounging by the pool today- my tan is starting to peel. i rented a motorbike around noon and drove around the island a bit (trying to avoid the particularly bad roads). stopped in at a couple of places to look around and tried to make conversation with the tenants. i hate to keep harping on this issue, but the difference between northern thailand and southern is almost like being in another country. i find the muslim thais to be extremely indifferent to any kind of friendly overtures i might display to them. in fact they are outright rude. i really wish they would open up a bit because i would love to learn about their culture.... i talked to mike, the british guy at my place, and he says they are very serious people. they don’t like strangers and they don’t like anything happy or celebratory. they seem to look at everything with disdain. (otto told me once that northern thais believe southern thais were born without hearts and i see why). the north is it for me- i like the food better, the people are much happier and friendlier (for the most part), and the islands are more beautiful. but, i am still glad to have seen this part of the south, as i can now say i have been to just about every major place in thailand.

i keep getting recommendations from people to go to a smaller island (ko jum) nearby, but the last thing i want right now is more solitude. i will spend another day or so relaxing and then i will be blowing this joint and heading back north.


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