Tuesday, October 12, 2004

the word of the day is "argh"

i was prepared for a 27 hour trip but not for the 34 hour trip it ended up being. first a 3 hour flight delay, then a suprise 2 hour layover in alaska, then another long delay in taipei. i felt scraggly and static-y and greasy and nauseous from the constant stream of crap airplane food. china airlines is nice though, they give you video games and movies on demand in your seat. i played a lot of solitaire and sat zombified and cramped through at least 5 movies.

finally arrived in bangkok to find the line for the taxi was around the block....and ended up being dumped at some horrific place that i had reserved online, sight unseen. i have bad luck with choosing accomodation. oh well, just gotta pass out. i went and had some 'bami' (noodle soup with red pork), chased mido of the muscles down the street when he passed (and missed him, sadly), and crawled under the covers by 10p.


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