Tuesday, April 19, 2005


'o' and i have both acquired some sort of nasty post-Songkran fever, and are completely useless (not to mention half-conscious in our room). i am crossing my fingers that it isn't dengue fever, which is really prevalent here right now, or the dreaded bird flu(!).

i did manage to drag my arse out of bed, drug myself halfway to heaven, and get to an interview today. i was subsequently hired as a Creative Director for a really ritzy design firm across from the US Embassy. (???) i haven't really consciously acknowledged this fact yet, but it's an amazing and legitimate job for a decent salary and i am sure when i wake up i will be marvelling at how hard work really does eventually pay off, after all.


Rice Paddy Daddy said...

So, just curious - what kind of salary can you command with your skills at a job like this in Thailand?

I'm an EFL'er and have had job offers from B23,000 - B40,000 per month in Bankgok.

Have fun!

12:05 PM  
MaryJaneRottencrotch said...

if she had any sense she'd move to Europe (Berlin or Prague for example) but she'd rather wallow in the sex-tourist cess-pit. Go figure.

10:20 PM  
elocin x said...

that's sort of an ignorant comment. thailand is much more than a sex tourist cesspit, in fact i haven't noticed the sex tourism aspect of it since x left this place.... and what would europe have to offer me besides a very similar culture to my own?

10:42 AM  
Weidenkeks said...

the interesting and challenging thing about asia is that it has a lot to offer that is a lot different fm the western culture. thailand being about sex tourism would be as shallow as saying germany is about beergarden and leatherpants...

7:55 PM  

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