Wednesday, April 13, 2005


my hard drive, 'o''s operating system, and both of our phones all failed on the same day... if there isn't some weird magnetic energy around here i don't know what's going on. 'o' has the ridiculous conviction that a visit to his fortune teller (who suggests he sell jeans to make his fortune and recently advised 'o' that his hair would be "luckier" if it was a nice shade of mandarin), will get things back on the right track. since he also believes that the giving of a short prayer to "rahu", a demon that apparently feeds on the alcohol he consumes (thus leaving 'o' alone), justifies his excessive consumption and drunken stupidity and subsequently brings him luck... ugh. i give up trying to rationalize.

anyway i lost a lot of stuff. :( including all the work i was busting my arse to complete this past week so i could relax over the upcoming holiday. never underestimate the importance of weekly backups. trips to pantip plaza to buy recovery cds and a new hard drive with my last meager baht are rather depressing.

on a brighter note... well, brighter if you are into sadomasochistic "festivals" in which you have to dodge speeding maniacal water-throwing drunkards on motorbikes, it's songkran again in thailand! i had actually written a beautiful piece on chakri day, which kicks it off, and the accompanying hoopla (mostly a chance for the ladyboys to recognize their dream of stardom by dressing up and waving from a decorated tuk tuk or a undulating under piles of makeup in a bad stage show)... however i lost my recent writing. :( and the accompanying pictures. but there are 4-5 days left of the festival and if i don't get too annoyed at the water and powder attacks every time i leave my house i may be able to give a decent update.

last night i dragged 'o', who generally has no appreciation for the arts beyond the most accessible, unless i force them down his throat, to see the film 'old boy' downtown. it's made by a korean director- chanwook park or something like that- absolutely brilliant! films are what i live for. for some reason this one made my head all twisted up afterwards and i kept staring pensively out the bus window at bystanders on the way home, with that quiet introspective feeling that's always present in those indie film scenes of someone travelling at night from one strange situation to the next, and i imagined all the people around as they would look when they were dead, and threw side glances at 'o', wondering why i haven't yet run off and gotten a more glamorous life and more interesting boy toy... but there's time, yes, there's time. i splurged on a bottle of wine before bed because if you are going down, you might as well go down in style.

in the back of my head, i am thinking that maybe a break from thailand to reconsider things might do me some good.


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