Tuesday, June 28, 2005

breakin' 2

this weekend i very last minute hopped on a bus to hua hin, because it is one of the few places around here where i haven't yet been. mistake. hua hin sucks! my main problem with it is that the main local road is also the highway to the south. so though we did do so, it is not advisable to rent a motorbike and play in the traffic. we almost died at least 5 times.

i did move the next morning to cha am, a little north of hua hin, which was totally lovely. 'o' and i got the best room in a mostly empty hotel. it had a serene rooftop pool deck overlooking the ocean, which was empty except for us, our books, a couple of beers and a bucket of ice, and some pigeons who kept flopping down to slurp up the chlorinated water.

cha am on the roof

our room had american sitcoms, which i hadn't seen in 8 months. it had a totally separate bathroom and dressing room. the window opened up onto the same ocean, with lolling taxi drivers and somtam ladies below. the large bed ('o' and i have two twin beds in our home room) was covered in silk.

cha am outside my window

we drove around the town on our rented pink motorbike- me looking for stray puppies to pet whose legs weren't broken and who weren't covered in fur-eating parasites. ot looking for fresh seafood. we stumbled upon a fishing village, with skinny brown children playing with bikes and sweating bandana-ed men heaving fish traps onto colorful blue boats...with it's own little boardfront, plain red light district full of bored girls in ponytails in boxers and round faces, and lots of amiable looking people and things hanging out in the doorways in general.

we ate the seafood on the black whispering beach in a cloudfilled night, with just a lantern and a streetlight to indicate much else. watch the dogs man their beach territory, the quiet waiters slip about filling drinks. digging our toes into the brown sand. there was a thai couple and a farang/thai couple on either side of us, and we all had our respective chats with the lover, staring at the stars when they came out, napping lazily, and munching the excellent food. we all got progressively drunk and were showered peacefully and in our soft beds by 10pm, critiquing the fashion channel and dreaming.

'o' and i woke up to collect shells on the beach and walk out onto the sandbars in the sun. we drove around the scraggly town and saw big abandoned mansions and clean parks. there was a white see-no/hear-no-/speak-no evil (!) statue surrounded by said mangy pups and some nice thai ladies feeding them. some old men on motorcycles grinned squintily at us.

we had a huge buffet breakfast with the paper before nodding fondly at our hotel staff and motorbike girls, turned down some dried squid and shell sculptures from sellers lugging bamboo baskets at the station, and hopped back onto a rattletrap bus back to loud gray bangkok with some english teachers and thai students.

now that was nice.

ok so. hua hin... started out okay. the beach (takiab) was.... ugly though there was rumoured be be a hill full of monkey nearby. the accomodations were overpriced, musty, and evil. the (thai) motorbike lady refused to rent to a thai man ('o'), and i had forgotten my passport so we left, snatching back our money at such a weird racist policy. but a nice taxi driver drove us to the north beach. we found a nice guesthouse in an alley. 'o' got drunk ater a big grilled seafood dinner on the highway (rrrg) and once we had dodged an accident with a truck which swerved out of control towards us (moto drivers reeling with anxious looks), we hailed the bus to cha am.

fat tourists on the huan hin beach *yawn

...this explanation turned out rather pulp fiction style. sorry.

i also read a couple of great books. one about a psychopath killer who was exactly like someone i know in detail. the other was called "thailand fever", and even though it has a stupid title and cover, it taught me a lot about thai culture and how to deal with it. basically it says accept it or leave, and they are right. because i love it i accept it. for now! :)

fun fun fun good night... back to work for me.


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