Thursday, June 09, 2005


i have gotten such avid interest in the past couple of weeks from people in the US who enthusiastically want to pay me american dollars to do their work from bangkok, that i am considering starting my own outsourcing business! yikes- if i were in the US i would be PISSED OFF that they were recruiting my competition from third world countries. but since i am here... :) among the many offers i have received was the one i just accepted last night, from McGraw-Hill in california. it's full-time, 40 hours a week, and guaranteed at least through the end of the year. it pays half my normal salary (the greedy recruiter is probably getting the rest), but that's about 4x my thai salary, and since i can live like a queen here on it i am not complaining. i plan to go lambretta (scooter) shopping in the next couple of weeks and start deciding where to move to.

in addition i have had several requests to write for various people's publications, which unfortunately i can't possibly find time to do right now, but it is flattering. :)

anyway, the moral of this story is either that elocin usually gets what she wants (lucky? smart? both?), or that with enough hard work, you can tailor your own life to your wants, even in a foreign country.


Sangroncito said...

Congratulations! Best of luck to you. You are an inspiration that you can get what you want with the right kind of gumption.

2:17 AM  
MissTee said...

Can you please tell me exactly what it is that you do so I will learn how to do it? Is it web design? What are you exact skills?

12:04 AM  
elocin x said...

ha! i am information architect. :) do a google search. you can learn it all online but it has taken me about 6 years to get to this point.

love elocin

12:06 AM  
MissTee said...

Wow I can't believe you're online now. I have been following your blog for ages, meaning to write but never got round to it. I was also on KC right when you were there and I have a BF from there for 3 years, I know O and French C and J etc but I was not around much, I found your site when I was in Japan in 2004 teaching and was following it since, I am now in Holland desperatly trying to get a PhD grant that will take me back to Asia, and even though I lie to myself about it, yes to Thailand and to him.. But I am so so tired of financial insecurity. BTW I am 31 now. Him and I email daily (sorry this is v. incoherent - am usually a pretty sharp writer but am now kind of moved). You know I have been following your ups and down and tribulations not really daring to follow that road myself, not to mention as far as C. did. Anyway nice to finally meet you!

12:13 AM  
elocin x said...

hmmm do i know you i wonder? well say hi when you are back in town. ;)

12:16 AM  
MissTee said...

Sorry had to change name b/c of login problems:
No we have never met. At least I don't recall seeing you although my BF said he recognized your face. I knew O very superficially from the bar, but I have only been there a few times. He knows my BF. And I don't remember ever seeing you. I didn't go out much there after the 1st month. I think my BF & I realized if we drank we would have a harder time than we were even having, because we were so different as it were and he has the whole day to day existence struggle going on, while I have the all where is my life going crikey I am getting so olf thing. But boy do I miss those days - last time I was there was a year ago, left Thailand on 26/6/2004. You know it can be so hard and sad and lonely on that island, esp. in the rainy season, but it can also never be sweeter and simpler more heartbreakingly real - I am sure I don't have to remind you of this... And I never was sure if I was in love with him or the country, but I know the country wouldn't be the same without him. Ahh it sounds so banal when put in words.
I feel the pull of Thailand, but I am scared to venture again. I hope that I will be in BKK sometime and try to get in touch.

1:34 AM  
elocin x said...

khao jai ;)

9:39 AM  
FARANG said...

have you ever thought of writing for farang magazine? hehehehe

3:54 PM  
elocin x said...

yeah but they're too good for me ;)

3:56 PM  

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