Wednesday, July 13, 2005


i'm thinking koh phangan with it's long motorbike drives flying across pitted rainforest and it's placid beaches. the herbal steamroom at the temple, a local expat community (however temporary, but the food is necessary). i found a house there with a kitchen and international satellite tv, since islands can get boring, though pleasantly. with space for a garden and a puppydog i am tempted to actually pay the inflated rental price as well as for the tech guy to travel across country and over ferry from phuket to install a satellite internet system for me (!). if i can even get him to respond.

but that seems so permanent.

so i am considering koh chang, instead, which won't be anything new to me. lush lush lush thick jungle. beautiful long drives that i can do myself (not on the back with 'o' driving). local expats (who i will just have to decide to gossip with!), 7-11s and good nightlife, and probably at least one place with a phone line. if i go with 'o' it's here, probably to quickly break up when the place fills up with scandinavians.


or there is bangkok, where i am now, feeling claustrophic in my box/room/office with a tiny sliver of bird-filled sky out the window, too many bored nights sitting in 'o''s friends' crappy bar and listening to him and his unintelligible friend get drunk. and know i at least have to leave here. too many people, too much pollution, feel like i can't get to anywhere without almost dying. there are a lot of good things too (shopping, sneaking out to meet a nice finnish boy who reads my website and a ridiculously hot australian guy who would have scored in different circumstances, in gulliver's (bar), tiptoeing past all the neighborhood regulars to shyly order a bowl of kway tio noodles at midnight). i could just move to a nicer place here, but i would want to move near the skytrain and have not yet found the "perfect" place. there is a tall building on the riverfront which has views and a pool, but it's in my same neighborhood so not much adventure... and there is a similar place nearer the skytrain which sounds "perfect" , except that it is in my illicit lover's building (shucks).

and thus i bleat.


Sangroncito said...

I hope you find your perfect place. I've been following your blog for ages now (since I found it on LP thorntree)......

3:37 PM  

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