Wednesday, July 27, 2005

an 'x'-ray

'x' came to visit. it was nice.

we drank with a very affable scottish friend who likes his gals cheap and dirty. but both went to our respective homes early and fine. (me to slither into bed drunkenly beside 'o'). i did manage to tell 'x' many times how happy and surprised i was too see him, and give him a hug or ten. (and hit myself in the head, both for being stupid and to see if it was real).

then we met again today (after i walked all over to collect last minute materials -like books- for my life in koh phangan before i leave bangkok), in hanako, my favorite japanese restaurant in bangkok, with thick mats on the floor and cheery lanterns. and spent a weirdly sober time over lots of seafood that 'x' just smiled benignly over and ignored. were attacked by some jolly and inevitably weird japanese guys who wanted to practice their english and pester us to drink whiskey nipon. yawned. i realized 'x' isn't maybe as grumpy as i thought. we said a weirdly casual goodbye that was entirely heartfelt. and i went home alone since 'o' apparently took the opportunity to meet girls while i was gone (not really). but i am happy, and hoping my "friend!" is safe with his valium to keep him sleepy on the plane.


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