Wednesday, September 28, 2005


'o' and i noticed on our last drive to thong nai pan that it is no longer a jungle road. suddenly every few hundred feet the forests are being absolutely decimated. i took some pictures of the destruction but it doesn't translate well in pictures- the shock of how quickly an entire plot of land can be reduce to burnt, dead rubble. it's really horrifically sad! lots of animals without homes and trees that took 50 years to grow laying like corpses in a field.

there have been thai signs put up saying please stop the killing but they are paid no mind. i wish there was someone whose ass i could kick into preventative action, but there aren't even tourist police on this island.

our neighbors from brazil (and thank the lordy for brazilian neighbors who dance on their porch in their tiny underwear and bring pots of steaming food from their cooking class) have mentioned that thais can go to brazil visa free! they are returning in december to open a thai restaurant (wink wink for 'o') in rio de janeiro. though brazil is the most expensive place to get to from here, i am considering it as an alternative to germany or nepal in december. hrmmmm. fun to plan trips away from thailand, and so rare for me to want to leave instead of come here!


Sangroncito said...

Hey, I'm heading back to Brazil (Salvador) on Monday! Totally cool place and people...send me an e-mail if you have any questions...(I live in Salvador half year and the other half in San Francisco, but I've lived in Rio and São Paulo, falo portugues!)

1:27 AM  
Sangroncito said...

P.S. and check out my blog (Sangroncito's World) for a recent post (Brasil: Ordem e Progresso) about my feelings about Brazil and also some travel stories about Brazil (ie. "Slumming in Salvador")

1:29 AM  
Rice Paddy Daddy said...

Man, that fuckin sucks.

I've always enjoyed that bike trip up to the north there when I visit.

In fact, that's the only reason why I really even make it over to the island for Ton Nai Pan and the nice bike ride up there.

Sometimes, it was so washed out, slippery and rutted on the hills people couldn't get through. People falling all over the place. they'd just give up and turn back around.

i liked it. fewer people up in that area. i imagine that's all changed now.

1:53 AM  

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