Wednesday, September 21, 2005


john irving is teaching me to be a real writer (not there yet). his new book, 'until i find you', is brilliant, and an 822 page comfy companion on hot days in my hammock.

the full moon hits this island like a diesel truck and everyone seems off kilter, out of sorts... 'o' chopped part of his finger off and we ended up at the most exploitative place in the world, bandon clinic in had rin, where they stitched him up for 5x the normal thai price (hello farang girlfriend) and treated me like a junkie when i asked for a refill of my prescription xanax. ugh. then karmically (because i yapped a lot to 'o' about his clinic) a couple nights later, puppy and i were out of sync and she bit off part of the tip of my nose. after freaking out (!!!!) i happily embraced the idea of a permanent scar. and am gambling with myself whether i should go to the hospital or risk some rare jungle illness from my pre-vaccinated dog.


John said...

You should probably get rabies shots. Of course the chance of your puppy being infected are pretty small but if you get rabies - you die. It's as simple as that. I know of a farang resident that was infected by being bitten by a neighbors dog, so it does happen. I think the shots aren't that bad nowadays. Something like a course of 3 injections over a few months. Anyway, just my opinion. We don't want you to stop writing, after all. Rgds, John

5:41 PM  
Sangroncito said...

Glad your back...I've been on the road and heading to Brazil....I'm gonna catch up on your blog now...

6:34 AM  

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