Friday, October 07, 2005


dear lord

please stop sending me your dribbling, babbling minions all throughout my life. i understand you are top dollar but i prefer to love myself rather than feel like everything i do is wrong and punishable. i am sure you are cool but i guess you would be cool without all the literature and ceremony too. never mind the outright self righteousness and entrepreneurialism. my neighbors did not appreciate hearing they were damned to hell while said minion draped herself lasciviously over a thai man who would sooner karma sutra with the librarian neighbor than look at her and her aging hands folded in prayer. ugh!

thanks and amen- elocin

otherwise, 'o' and i escaped the clutches of our vampire puppy long enough to stumble upon the best party of our lives in thong nai pan. it was the finals of the local football teams, on the beach. there were hot dog stands and everything. morlam music. thong nai pan versus bottle beach. our (male?) friend "susie" was decked out in a wig and long skirt- the head cheerleader. all of the neighborhood was there and the gossip was cranked up to ...very loud. local families you don't expect to see at a party were hovering on the peripheral with grins.i kept catching myself accidentally flirting and being friendly. 'o' drove home in what felt like a video game on the jungle road long after we should have left to escape the huge storm and get home to my boss on IM.


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