Saturday, November 26, 2005

trouble in paradise

it's all fun and games til monsoon season, and this is the worst in years according to locals. unfortunately i did not prepare. living miles from civilization gives you a sort of happy nonchalance that can be a bit dangerous. so now, with flash flooding, torrential rains, bungalows crumbling into the sea, no electricity for most of the day and night, no clean water supply, and a forecast of at least another week of doom (plus a week after that before my village will be accessible to the outside world, and vice versa) i am greatly mourning the fact that i did not stock up on canned goods, water, and food for my puppies! (note the plural, i now have two, sigh).

thong nai pan normally

thong nai pan now

bungalows sliding into the water

the upside is i have a very nice house. it's not much fun hanging out in the damp darkness all day while my pups growl blamefully at me. but at least there is shelter.

my house

'o' has had to come join me here, as his house is completely flooded out. (no he is not my boyfriend again, though i do slip up and refer to him as such. actually it's working really well as friends! i pay him to cook and drive for me and he leaves me alone otherwise...) last night i had fluffed up some mats and blankets on the floor in front of the tv for him, and plopped myself down on the bed to sleep, when suddenly i felt a pinprick on my skin. i then noticed the scorpion sitting next to me- i don't know if it was the shocking visual, the quick action of the venom, or the fact that he stung me again that turned the pain into a screaming stabbing throbbing pain like a sliver of molten steel being injected into my arm. i squealed and jumped up, swatting at my arm, and flicked the scorpion onto 'o', who was promptly stung on the neck and hand as well. sigh. scorpion venom seems to magnify feelings of panic, that's for sure, and i have never felt such pain in my life (still do, a day later). not a fun night, as the electricity went out shortly after (and was not to return until about 18 hours later). we sat snivelling over our wounds and imagining our prolonged deaths far into the night.

vampire scorpion

i would like to tell stories of all the fun i am having with my lovely friends (claudia the taxi driving hippie german writer with the weird mannerisms who unfortunately just ran away because her thai boyfriend - my dear friend 'w'- is a cheating bastard, "susie" the surprisingly straightforward, honest and very crazy ladyboy who is becoming my best pal and 'o''s employer, the israeli guy who is totally nondescript until he sings, at which time you can't help falling madly in love with him and his lyrics, the group of hunters in their humvee with rifles who bring bloody carcasses of wild pig and headless birds home every day next door, etc. etc.) but to tell the truth everything is on hold til this storm dissipates and life morphs back to something more resembling the paradisical reality that is normally my island.


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