Sunday, January 01, 2006

new year thank gawd

...and on the last day of the year (and of december), my best friend whom i visit daily ('c', german hippie writer) had been missing for 2 days already, leaving me rather frantic until she finally messaged me to say goodbye, she had left this crazy bad island. and (at first i thought very coincidentally) 'o' was missing also.... except for a blurry 10 minutes in the very early morning when he came to my house drunk and i tried to beat him up in a xanax haze on the porch and he left again... along with all of the money i had just withdrawn from the ATM to cover monthly expenses? or did i hallucinate going to the ATM?

oh, and it rained again, no electricity. i got drunk at a bar alone and watched fireworks on the beach with my doggie and went to bed by 1am to the sound of at least 4 bars raging.

but now it's 2006 so take that!


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