Wednesday, March 29, 2006


my adamant plans to break free of the umbilical cord tying me to the lush thong nai pan, my cozy house, and my affectionate pets crumbled dramatically under the weight of a sudden offer of a full time job from an interactive agency called 'ruder finn' in NY. i have been taking random one-off projects from various people for the past 3 months, but just making enough money to get by, and thus figured it wasn't worth running in place here for...(?!) but a full time job at pretty near to a normal US rate is nothing to blink at, and it means i can actually save money from my lovely home office for a bit.

so here i was planning decadent trips to borneo and uruguay (well, really i had pretty much resigned myself to going back to work in NY), and now i need to swallow all of that excitement and dust off the old laptop. time to re-think just about everything.

luckily i am extremely happy, if a bit lonely here. i'll update more later. one of my plans is to work more on this site, but any of you who've been reading for any length of time know how realistic that plan is. ;)


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