Wednesday, May 31, 2006

mae mort

having evaluated and discarded every person of the male gender in my village and the next one, and being rather down about it, i surreptitiously planned a day to run off and find this young lad named 'mmm' (yes thai), whom i met in koh lanta a couple years ago and spent a nice couple days with, and who has recently come to live on koh phangan. as he lived all the way on the other side of the island, i determined to make it an adventure. i invited my friends dao and malee, whose every blonde bubbly fucked up day is an adventure that usually far surpasses mine, but is happily distributed amongst the three of us when we set out together. i rented a jeep (which amazingly i have discovered just now and which gives me greedy freedom) and drove on the wicked road all the way round the island to had yao. teeter tottered over the hill to the beach, climbed up to the roof of a bar to watch the sunset on the powdery white sand. chilled out a bit in the feeling of someplace new and not thong nai pan. went to a bar where my friends got drunk and i laughed at them (driver), while flirting with the young, small but lovely and super achingly sweet mmm in the peripheral. drove back around the island to the black moon party and danced on the beach...a bit of fuzzy warm hallucination. discovered mmm sitting alone there, and decided to take him home.

i can't give all the details after village knowing everything is bad enough... but a nice time was had... and i remembered how beautiful thai boys can be, and i left him back on the road to had yao with a slight sad twinge of regret in having to leave it, and that's that. love ya mmm goodbye.


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