Friday, June 09, 2006

land of the free (ThAiLaNd)

had a little injection of freedom in the past couple of weeks that i was sorely lacking before. once a week i take the jeep somewhere new. i have done just about the whole island now but at least my horizons have expanded a bit. saw some sunsets, went swimming in the snorkelling area, slept in the car after a party or two, had breakfast at the top of a mountain, made some new friends. nice.

the little fling i had has been difficult to keep as a little fling, as the other half of it has managed to magically appear in thong nai pan twice this week. but i figure it's a test that i am meant to pass, and so far so good- i am so happy there is this concept of a 'gig' (ie. friends with benefits) in thailand. i do NOT want to stop being single, or more specifically i do not want anything remotely resembling a full time humdrum relationship- yick! and on top of that, if i did want one it most likely would not be with a 23 year old bar boy who does and has nothing. i swear i am not stupid. it's hard though when they start hynotizing you with all their sappy lines etc.

i bought an american guy i know a drink for his birthday, which led to our drinking together until 2 in the morning around a bonfire on the beach. the next day he called me up from the tattoo shop i had promised the night before i would patronize. so i went and chugged a beer and smoked my last cigarette ever and had my little tattooist friend draw me a black star on my wrist. it actually means a lot to me but the biggest reason is i am convinced it will stop me from smoking cigarettes. so hopefully i have just saved my own life, or extended it a bit.

soon i have to start thinking about work again.

my little jalopy

parents week for my english girl friends

the doors of wat khao tham


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