Sunday, August 27, 2006

just so you know

thailand is not really the pedophiliac destination splashed all over the news right now. one pedophile who may or may not have killed jon benet ramsey was found here. that does not by extension make every other foreign man a child rapist. i would be willing to bet that there are more pedophiles in bible belt america than in thailand any day. while it does have a seedy side, it's not so intrusive unless you purposely immerse yourself in it. there are definitely areas with weirdos sniffing around for whatever their depraved fantasy is that evening, and conmen incognito, both thai and farang! but they are concentrated in their little ghettos. stay out of the ghettos and there are nice people. enough said.


toaste said...

You look like a witch!

11:40 AM  
elocin x said...

yes, brillant observation... and so relevant to my post. (?)

however it is the reason i am called "mae mort" on koh phangan.

3:23 PM  

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