Friday, August 11, 2006

pratet thai

a quote from captain bob of the thorn tree:

"Most western countries have a feeling of restrictiveness and seriousness in the air. The moment I even step on a US-bound flight I'm hit with the American vibe of stress and uptight rigidity and false forced politeness. "Have a nice day or I'll sue your ass". Arrival in Germany (another country I've lived in) means stop smiling and get out of my way. The random playfulness of Thai society wouln't be tolerated for an instant. Est ist nicht ordnung! Just two examples. Thailand is the antithesis of both - playful, permissive, tolerant, smiling, and moreso than other Asian countries (probably due to Buddhism). It's just so easy to relax and do what you want in Thailand. It's like the happy home a child dreams about and society takes away when they grow up. Just don't do drugs or dis the King and stay out of the way of drunk teenagers (and psycho ladyboys) on their motorbikes. The street is the one place where Thai calmness seems to go out the window. Even Australia the "lucky" "no worries" country seems to have lost a lot of that feeling. Very strict and antagonistic everytime you have to deal with bureaucracy or anyone with a nametag behind a counter. I lived in NZ and Oz for about 6 years and my last visit to Oz I was shocked by how militant and unfriendly many people were - probably just because now I've lived in Thailand 3 years I see things differently. Have always felt welcome in Thailand. "

i agree... as long as you don't try to have a relationship with them (doh! hits head) and keep it lighthearted this is a great country to live in. it can really feel like home. patting myself on the back (though rather nervously) and congratulating myself for not giving in and going back to NY this past week.


Boris said...

I can relate to Bob's sentiments having lived and travelled through Australia, NZ and SE Asia over a period of a 2.5 years. I've been back in Canada now for three, not by intention, and long to return (plans are in the works). Your blog is one I return to when I feel nostalgic and vicarious. Thanks for keeping it up.

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