Thursday, February 23, 2006


i guess i don't really update my blog anymore do i. it's not that i am lacking in inspiration, i am just lacking in the desire to communicate it to the general public. right now is about being free! i am bemused by life, by how it delivers to a person what they need and want in such subtle ways. i feel lucky! i am exactly where i want to be! i wouldn't mind travelling but that is the sum total of my problems for now.

i swear at some fuzzy point in the future i will get a wild hair on my ass and give this site a makeover, maybe focus a bit more on thailand travel info. for now i just can't be bothered, i am busy living.

Friday, February 10, 2006


my neighbors poisoned my best friend... he was sick two days ago and i stayed up all night with him, sleeping with my arms around his neck and telling him i loved him and everything would be ok... the next morning he really seemed ok, so i went on a visa run to burma that took me almost 2 days... about an hour before i returned he died. my friends (to whom he wandered) tried to help him but said he suffered horribly for that 2 days... i feel so guilty for not being with him. he was a good dog, my favorite. he will be horribly horribly missed.

between this and 'o', who has really shown his true colors lately, i am feeling pretty bad about thailand.

RIP khao baby