Saturday, April 01, 2006

april genius

i am so far from civilization and it's unfortunate sometimes. today my dog 'scruffy' was attacked by about 5 other dogs on the same spot of the beach that we go to every day but for some reason was evil today. they mangled his testicles (ow?) and put a hole in his leg. i gave him some aspirin but he has been bleeding nonstop all over my house for hours. sure wish there was a vet here. sigh... i hope he doesn't die of shock or something, i really couldn't handle another dog's death.

poor scruffy in pain

some other pictures i have taken recently----

my best neurotic english pal 't'on my porch

lizard who lives in my roof

local charity party for the village school

p.s. i need to control my vices a bit. oh, and stop falling in love with gay men.