Thursday, July 27, 2006


snake 5 mins. ago

snake now

among the many animals i have watched in horror as my dogs slaughtered, is this unfortunate snake. i felt sorry for the poor guy. i didn't realize that animals scream... the snake screamed silently, his black eyes pleading... something that might remain with me for the rest of my life.

the rat screamed quite loudly though... i moved the fridge, it ran out, a hilarious chase ensued (rat jumped on puppy, puppy flung it off onto me, i hit it with the broom- screeching hysterically), it tried to run up the stairs and scruffy got it by the neck and chomped it's head off, shaking it and snarling with maniacal glee. he was my hero since i couldn't bring myself to kill it with a sticky glue trap.

there was a tookay also, a few geckos. i hope no hapless kitten wanders past. anyway, living with my dogs (dogs being half wild in thailand) is definitely a lesson in anthropology/zoology.

everything is a killer.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

diao ni

man i do fall behind don't i. sorry for the almost month-long intermission.

parties. more parties than i have ever been interested in going to in my life previous have happened to me recently. a party where dum lek wanted to kiss me (so i won our little game "touch dum" for the day- good for the ol' ego that one) and parties where boys were slobbering lunatics, alternately fighting with beer bottles and sobbing hopelessly over the recent girlfriend, parties with happy people who like to dance in the dark, parties falling in and out of love with people, parties with sunrises!!! so many that i've felt like i was spinning. playing tag team with people on the rest of the island- starting to know it well, such nice days... some aspects of that i obviously don't write about (here). so not been much to say.

i am torn between going back home to NY (by choice for once!) and taking a 3 month contract for some extra backup (hmmm alarm clocks, stiff meetings, subway trips staring at shoes, $100 dinners,loneliness amongst every kind of people, food, films, shopping, music, and art) vs. staying here and continuing to get certified in tantra yoga (2 hours a day with my indian teacher feels yummy), making flyers and working the cozy party at my strange friend's bar, hanging out with my love-bestowing dogs (chasing down rats in the corners), and juggling whatever good work i can manage for far flung people during monsoon season. (hrmmm).

do you have to do time for your happiness?

the famous dao and the lovely malee (mae mort sam khon)

my friends are lovely. sometimes a bit trying (which makes me love them more), but for once i have girl friends (mostly english). i miss boy friends but you can't have them here- you are either fucking or not (sigh). the americans popping up bother me. i never noticed to what extent americans are boring until i started hanging out with europeans. what self-obsessed, control-requiring, tedious blabbering idiots i have met (along with one or two cool ones). our country is far too analytical. we don't have balance. everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax their sphincters. laugh a little.

do yoga

... hi michelle, your kids are cute and your life strange...

everyone be good.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

links since i can't be bothered to write

i recently discovered that my good girl friend katie from NY has started a website. you can all meet her at: she's lovely.

also, a girl she hitchhiked through africa with has an amazing website: kinga freespirit. sadly, she has just passed away from cerebral malaria in ghana. her photos and stories are touching.

also check out x's site, he has been updating his photos and journal: decadent world.