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favorites of mine change with my moods. i love life in all it's phases. my favorite color right now is pink (accented of course with black). food- succulent artichokes and sweet king crab legs, and guilty cream filled chocolate eclairs. my favorite movies are weird and foreign (usually french). i like controversial art, and opinions that incite exploration. my favorite name of a girl is miaow, & boy is boi (both, incidentally, thai names). or just x and o- future characters in my writing perhaps, a favorite hobby. my favorite country is thus far is thailand, with nepal and holland tied for second. my favorite thing to do is something new. i have a lust for dark pensive beauty in all things. i love to learn- art, film, history, social sciences, astral physics, religion and philosophy, economics, medicine... i guess that writes me off as right brained and left winged, though when it comes to politics i just kind of go quietly mad. i am not typically an activist though that is changing, the more of the world i see. i smoke marijuana but stay away from other drugs, am not addicted, and don't hurt people, & am therefore not a criminal in my head. i like to work hard to get what i want. i am a rapacious observer (especially of culture and human behavior), perpetually curious and chronically analytical... i am sexually peculiar but not depraved. i am not materialistic but i like to observe pop culture. i am irreparably independent, introverted, in... non traditional and a black sheep. i read voraciously- john irving, steinbeck, a.m. holmes is a definite favorite, ayn rand, irvine welsh, salman rushdie (until i went to india and hated it), even stephen king... basically whatever i can get my hands on. right now that includes the bangkok post, studies on the trafficking of girls in asia and the horrid repression of burmese immigrants by both sides of the thai- burma border... back around to the fact that i love to write, and would like to help correct some of the problems of innocent people that i am constantly uncovering. i have always had to correct my own, but i have learned a lot and done well, and thus have a lot to share... and i would love it if you hired me to do an IA project (flutters eyelashes "pretty please"). :)

these links, by the way, are the same links that have adorned my site since, maybe 6? years ago. i don't do too much "surfing" these days. but soon i will get back with the times and hopefully this page will reflect that by more additions for your viewing pleasure.

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