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idealism is both a blessing and a curse. it instills hope into one's life, but often leads to disappointment. life being a mischievous, unpredictable teacher, it would become stifled and uninspiring if it really lived up to such raised expectations too consistently. that challenge is what i love, though at times it is definitely frustrating. i set out this year with the most idealistic of expectations- to see the world in one year. i can chuckle at my own naivety now, but not with any regret. the world is big and beautiful and wild and impossible to tame. why should it make itself accessible to one small person with not much to contribute? thus my planned giant leap for elocin-kind has sort of grown down, into a small tentative step towards a daunting but ever more so tantalizing goal. i am paradoxically more voracious to explore after this last year and at the same time more likely to settle in a place that makes me happy- it is a constant battle in my brain these days. thus i write, an outlet for found things inside my skull. i will continue to share what i stumble upon with you, and you, dear reader, can continue to tune in or not, as you please.


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*this is the archive of my travel journal from october 2002 to november 2003.


#3 balance 2 (7/04-on)   *RTW trip continued here as of 10/07!*

#2 balance (12/03-6/04)

#1 wanderlust archive 10/02-11/03 see below
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